Eta Canada Document; Necessary To Travel To Canada

As a matter of fact, citizens of United States who want to travel to Canada by air need an Eta. But you may not know that what an Eta is. The Eta Canada Document is an authorization for travelers who come from visa exempt countries to enter Canada. Without having an Eta, you cannot enter the Canada. However, people who are coming from countries other than visa exempt countries need a valid visa to travel to Canada.

A Travel Authorization:

The Eta is the abbreviation of electronic travelling Authorization that allows the holder to Visa Canada. It is a screening system to ensure that no criminal is allowed to enter the country. If a person who has criminal record tries to enter the Canada, the authorities find out immediately due to Eta. The Eta is directly linked to your passport as it is an online visa.

Some Important Points:

  • The permanent residents of United States need an Eta to enter Canada.
  • Any Citizen coming from visa exempt country needs an Eta.

The Process of Applying An Eta:

As a matter of fact, you need a visa or authority to enter a country. Every country makes rules regarding the entry of aliens to enter the country. These rules are necessary for the security and safety of the country. So the Canadian government has also made immigration rules to make sure that every individual who is entering Canada is registered and passed through a screening system.

It is to make sure that no criminal could enter their land. Thus the person who is not a Canadian citizen needs a valid visa to come in.

However, the travelers coming from visa exempt countries need an Eta to enter the land of the Canada. The process of applying for an Eta is simple and requires few minutes. All you have to do is to fill an Eta application form that is available online.

Fill the given fields with correct information regarding your passport, residence and funds you have to travel to Canada. Then submit this application, and the authorities will approve your application. Then within few hours, you will get an Eta.

The best thing is that if you have not applied for an Eta and you are at the airport, then do not worry. You can apply it even you are at the airport. As the process of applying for an Eta is online so you need an internet connection and a device. Thus you can get an Eta in the last minute too. The cost of applying for an Eta is $ 7 Canadian. And it is just a few minutes process.

So if you have a plan to visit Canada for whatever purpose then apply for an Eta today. TheEta Canada Document will make your entry and stay smooth in the Canada. And no one will bother you. So get an Eta and become an eligible traveler to come to Canada.

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